Signature Facials

facial consultationThe Signature Facials offer you (or a loved one) with a personal and unique experience in an environment conducive to relaxation. More than just a professional cleansing, Ruth B. takes it a step further with expert consultation to ensure that your skin receives the proper care that it requires. The treatment process is done with precision and skill as only an experienced and licensed Aesthetician can perform including — in most of the offerings below — effective and gentle yet non-reddening or scarring pore extraction. Post-treatment advice is dispensed with the goal of maintaining the health of your skin.

All products used during the treatments were selected through years of active practice. These are the same skin care lines used at offices of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, and at top European and American hotels and spas,

Ageing does not discriminate across ethnicities and gender; maintenance is the key for healthy, and adequately toned skin. Contact Swiss Touch today to book your appointment.

Facial Treatment Offerings

high frequency light facialPurifying Facial
90 minutes | $110

Your experience begins with a gentle hand massage followed by warm mittens. Then your skin is cleansed, toned, and a thorough analysis is done to determine your skin type and condition. A gentle organic honey almond exfoliant is applied, followed by steam, and a facial massage. Impurities (i.e., blackheads, etc.) are then removed via professional extraction. Advanced high frequency targets acne and blemishes while soothing the skin and reducing redness. A skin-type appropriate mask will follow. The treatment is completed with eye cream, a moisturizer, and sunblock, as needed.

Rejuvenating Facial with Vegetal Peel
90 minutes | $120

A highly-effective anti-aging facial recommended for all skin types. Your skin will be purified and toned, followed by the application of an organic peel. This peel contains active ingredients that work in synergy to rejuvenate skin and helps reduce the visible signs of aging. Clients report that their skin looks and feels younger with renewed radiance and elasticity.

Skin-Firming Facial with Enzyme Peel
90 minutes | $125

This skin-firming facial features an organic enzyme peel for deeper cleansing, and helps remove dead skin cell build up. Your skin will look refreshed and feel more supple.

Quick In and Out Time Saver Facial
60 minutes | $85
An extraction-free treatment, this quick yet effective option is perfect for those times before a special event or between treatments. Your skin is cleansed, toned, and while exfoliated steam is applied. A mask follows. After applying eye cream and moisturizer, your skin will look healthy and hydrated.

teenage girl facial consultationAcne Treatment Facial
90 minutes | $110
More robust than the Purifying Facial (see above), this focused treatment is specifically for those with hormonal or stress-related breakouts and for controlling acne.

Teenage Facial
90 minutes | $100
For clients coming of age, skin education is emphasized while the facial treatment sequences are performed. Consultation on the client’s post-treatment home care regime is provided to encourage proper cleansing and other skin care tips for both teenage boys and girls.


Deep Seaweed Hydrating Facial
90 minutes | $145
A perfect facial known for its deep hydration properties especially good for those tired lines around the eyes. Following the steps of a Rejuvenating Facial (see above), a natural seaweed serum is massaged into your skin including the delicate eye area. The freshly mixed seaweed mask will be then applied to seal the nutrients of the serum. This effectively penetrates the top layer of the skin providing moisture and nutrients and boosting the skin’s natural collagen production. The result is a visibly refreshed visage. A “must” before getting those close up photographs (or selfies); a favorite for brides.

The Ultimate Skin Treat
90 minutes | $165
A luxurious experience that offers the most pampering and best restoration sequence for your skin. After preparing your face (as done in a Purifying Facial), your skin is soaked with a seaweed serum. A deep facial massage is given using a pure seaweed cream which penetrates. A cooling seaweed mask is followed by a natural warming mineral mask sealing in the products.

Gentlemen’s Customized Facial
90 minutes | $110
Following a thorough skin analysis and consultation, a personalized, optimal facial treatment will be designed for you. This treatment considers the specific needs of a gentleman’s skin, resulting in visible improvement of the skin’s pores and texture.

Deep, Resurfacing, Cell-Renewal Facials

Glycolic Cell Resurfacing Treatment
30 minutes | $90
A quick option for those on-the-go or just gone through the rigors of summer or dry winter skin. A deep fruit peel for natural exfoliation and cell resurfacing where your skin’s glow returns after a day or two. Experience only a slight tingle and a short downtime (a few hours). This treatment leaves the skin soft, fresh, and supple and is suitable for most skin types.

facial microdermabrasionMicrodermabrasion for All Skin Types Treatment
45 minutes | $135
This treatment offers the same effectiveness of a Glycolic Treatment without the tingling or downtime. A perfect maintenance option to keep skin healthy looking. A thorough cleansing and toning is followed by a gentle exfoliation using microdermabrasion. Through this microdermabrasion process, cells of your skin are activated and renewed, resulting in natural collagen development. The micropulsation stimulates the tissue which promotes lymphatic circulation and detoxifies at a cellular level. This treatment minimizes fine lines, wrinkles and will bring back a natural glow.

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