Face & Body Waxing

Following the same upscale lines used for Facial Treatments, lukewarm organic wax is used to gently but thoroughly remove unwanted hair. This process decreases hair growth over time. Waxing results generally last between six to eight weeks. Schedule your waxing appointment today.

Signature Brow Shaping

Ruth B.’s expertise extends to defining your eyebrows framing the rest of your visage. The eyebrows, after all, are the ever so important curtains of your face. She also educates clients on properly maintaining their own brows, and especially helps those who have over-plucked or over-threaded eyebrows.

brow shapingSignature Brow Shaping

Brow Shape $25
Brow Tweez $30
Brows and Upper Lip $30
Brows, Lip, and Chin $40


Full Face, including Signature Brows $50
Upper Lip $12
Chin $12
Sides of Face $12

Body Waxing Services

leg waxingLegs

Full Legs $80
Full Legs & Bikini* $95
Lower Legs $45
Lower Legs & Bikini* $65
Thighs $50
Thighs & Bikini* $70

*$25 additional for Brazilian and Playboy


Bikini Line $50
Brazilian Bikini (Strip) $60
Playboy Bikini (Full) $70


Full Arms $60
Full Arms + Underarms $75
Forearms $45
Underarms $20

Men’s Options

waxing for menFor Men

Brow Cleanup $25
Neck only $25
Neck and Shoulder $35
Back $85
Chest $85

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