So many products!

The beauty industry is saturated with all kinds of products and often with incorrect information. It sometimes seems that almost everybody has something to say and sell: The Fountain of Youth, The Silver Bullet, the quick fix, natural, organic, you name it.

So what do we look for as for quality? Here’s a simple rule: Research how long a product line has been established. You want a minimum of ten years or longer for a skin care line to be on the market in order to get something that’s higher quality and substance. This, of course, excludes over the counter products. Anything else, for the most part, are what I call, fly-by skin care lines. They come and go real fast with high-profit margins and little quality. It is practically impossible for the general public to know if a product really does what it says it does and contains what they say it would unless one would know how it’s broken down. And that’s just to name one of the many aspects involved in developing a good skin care line.

Therefore do yourself a favor, tune out all the ‘noise’ and start with the simple rule: When was the line established? Your skin will thank you for it.

Ruth B.