February the month of special love. I believe every month should be special love, but then it might not be special anymore… However, it is a good time to introduce a friend, partner, spouse or someone special in your life to a pampering experience like a facial.

Facials should over time become maintenance, like having your teeth professionally cleaned a few times a year. If one has average to good and healthy skin, three to four facial treatments a year is a good schedule to preserve it. People with problem skin, like breakouts or pores that just clog easily, might have to increase that treatment schedule slightly.

There are many skin treatments on the market. A true facial with all the bells and whistles, i.e. hand and facial massage, steam and other relaxing aspects can make such a gift a truly nice, relaxing experience.

Look up the various treatment options I offer here, and perhaps you can also find one for that special someone (or get them a Gift Card). Happy Valentine’s Day!